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Georgia Area 16, District 6
recognized by

Alcoholics Anonymous
Columbus, Georgia

District 6 is simply a part of the service structure for A.A. groups in the several counties that make up the Columbus, Georgia area.

This structure allows for individual groups to bring their conscience (or direction) to the city-wide, state-wide and national level.

The information flow in this structure is bi-directional.  Group questions or opinions are carried to the District level by Group Service Representatives(GSR) from each group.   The questions or opinions of the District are carried to the Area Assembly at the state level by the District Committee Members(DCM).  The Area questions and opinions are carried to the General Service Conference (includes GSO) by the Area Delegate.  Information, proposals, and findings are then disseminated back to the Group members in reverse order.

This structure neither makes rules nor enforces controls on any A.A. group.  Each A.A. group remains autonomous, except in matters that could affect other groups or A.A. as an entity.

To reach any of our District representives or service committee chairs, visit our Service Contact Page.

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