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The general service structure is the men and women who give freely of their own time to help the still suffering alcoholic through a structured service entity. The structure is like an inverted triangle – the groups are at the top, narrowing down to the districts that service the groups, narrowing down again to the areas that serve the districts and finally the general service office at the bottom.

Is general service work found in the twelve steps or the twelve traditions?

Just as the twelve steps help a member in their own personal recovery, so the twelve traditions help the groups and the twelve concepts help AA as a whole. The traditions and the concepts give a foundation for general service work.

What are these general service positions? How can I get more information about them?

Members of Alcoholics Anonymous who wish to serve in the general service structure stand for election at the appropriate service meeting. The positions may involve serving at group level, at district level (covering one or more counties) or at area level (covering all of Georgia). Some of these positions are listed below. More information can be found in the Area 16 Service Guidelines or in the GSO General Service Manual .

Georgia State Prepaid AA Convention and Registration

66th Georgia State Prepaid Convention
October 17-20, 2019

Special Events:
Low Country Boil* 
*Pre-pay $28.00 (Saturday Oct 19th, 2019 5:30pm
​at the Civic Center)
– Motorcycle Poker Run -Yoga
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Service Committees

Service Manuals and Guides